Shiloh 2014 Live Telecast Broadcast from Canaanland Online, Ota

Shiloh 2014 Live Telecast Broadcast from Canaanland Online, Ota

Shiloh 2014CROSSOVER NIGHT SERVICE 2013 Live Broadcast, Winners Chapel 2014. Read more ... » Live Telecast Broadcast from Canaanland Online, OtaShilohBreaking the Bondage of Poverty. Read more ... » 2014 of Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners ChapelWinners Chapel End of Year Thanksgiving Service. Read more ... ») in Ota by Bishop Oyedepo.

Shiloh 2014

Bishop David Oyedepo and Wife, Faith Oyedepo

This years’ Shiloh 2014 will be the 16th version of Shiloh since its inception 16 years ago as commanded by God to his servant, Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo.

Here with, are all you need to know even as it pertains this year’s Shiloh, your preparation, accommodation, live broadcast, live telecast, activities, healing school etc.)

Here are the Contents as contained herewith (Do take time and read even as you get set for this year’s Shiloh 2014)

Exceeding Grace 2014

- Shiloh 2014 Epistle,
– Date of Shiloh 2014

- Testimonies
PrayerPrayers: Removing Prayer Blockers. Read more ... » Points

- Healing Classes (Fathers and Mothers of Nations)

- Many More

The Epistle will be updated here once it has been unveiled by God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo.

Like Bishop Oyedepo rightly disclosed in Shiloh 2013, “Your preparation will determine the level to which you manifest” Below are some testimonies from the church to prepare yourself for Shiloh 2014. Please note, whatsoever you claim can be replicated in your very life.


Shiloh 2014 Striking Testimonies (Read and Manifest yours!)



“We got married in this Commission in 2005. Thereafter, my husband complained about the distance to Canaanland. So, we left this Church for a nearby church. After worshipping with the nearby church for seven years, I felt so disconnected and we suffered several setbacks. One day, I cried to God of Shiloh and He said to me, ‘God back to your prophet.’

That morning, as I came out of the office, I saw a bus with the inscription, ‘The Liberation Mandate, Living Faith Church.’ I ran to the pastor in the bus and asked how I could get to Canaan Land. He told me to board the bus that he would take me there. That was how I reconnected to my source and rededicated my life to Christ.

In April 2013, God miraculously brought my husband to church. That was how our testimony began. We keyed into the ingathering, and brought souls to church every Sunday. Today, God has used us to nurture 20 souls.

At one of the services, a pastor shared a testimony of how God healed him of a chronic eye problem, because he was involved in soul-winning. I keyed into it and Instantly, God delivered me from a chronic eye problem, and I stopped using recommended glasses. Also, God healed my husband of 30 years asthma. I Thank Him! God of Shiloh 2014 is indeed alive (Roseline, O)



“We got married in 2002 and the devil told me, ‘Come and have a child and let me see.’ I said, ‘You have lost the battle because of where I belong.’ In 2011, when Bishop declared the Seven Weeks of Ingathering, we dived into it as a familyBecome a Better Mother, Ways, Steps. Read more ... ». My son was also in our district and province. Everybody knew that he was the only boy that followed us to outreaches.

I told him that the reason he was following us was that he needed his siblings. After seven years, this Isaac came! I told my wife, ‘We have known how to get it cheap! We don’t have to allow the devil to reproach us anymore! What do we do? Let’s dive in these again.” In 2012, we dived in again! I came with one of my new converts and we sat there.

Then God said, ‘You have come into my heart and I heard what you discussed with your wife. How do you want it?’ I said, ‘The way my father had it.’ He said, ‘Okay, have it like that,’ and Love came the day Bishop’s daughter wedded here!”—Eze, C. I.



“In 2012, when the ‘Project 1016’ outreach was declared, I went all out for souls and I made sure they were all established in the Church. One day, my Cell Minister said to me, ‘Stop asking God for a husband and go out for souls.’ I obeyed. After a while, he said to me again, ‘You can start thanking God for your husband now.’ I obeyed, because I had experienced marital stagnation for years. During Shiloh 2012, I served under the canopy.

At night, after each service, I would settle with God and pray my way through. During one of the teaching sessions, I heard a woman share her testimony of how she met her husband at Shiloh 2011, and got married in February 2012. I keyed into it.

When it was time to offer our Shiloh sacrifices, I gave my salary for the month of November. When the Bishop stood to bless our sacrifices, he instructed that we tied our desires to our sacrifice, which I did. Miraculously, that same day, after I offered my sacrifice, God directed me to where my husband was! When I met my husband, I had a conviction within me.

We exchanged contacts, and that was how it all began. On December 24, 2012, my husband met my parents. On January 5, 2013, we had our introduction. On March 2, 2013, we were gloriously married! God did not only give me a wonderful home, He also gave me a man after His own heart!” I Bless the God of Shiloh 2014 (Joy, R.O)



I thank God of Shiloh who granted me double portion on 6th December 2012.

When Papa, Bishop Oyedepo said “this night is a night of settlement. Whatever you want God to do for you, write it in your bible”

It happens that I believed God for a miracle job and i wrote it down. Prior to Shiloh 2013SHILOH 2013 SATELLITE BROADCAST. Read more ... », i had attended different interviews in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt to no avail.

On that 6th of December 2012, i did not know that the scholarship i applied for in September 2012 was successful and my nomination letter was sent on December 6th, 2012.

I received calls from my friends to go check the results of the application of which I did. Immediately I opened the mail sent to me on selected candidates, my name was the first thing I saw.

I give God all the glory because everything concerning this scholarship was successful with nice accommodation, with good allowances not in Naira or Dollar but in Euro.

My brothers and sisters please follow me and praise the God of this commission and you are the next to testify come Shiloh 2014 (C.P)



As we get set for Shiloh 2014, avail yourself in these prayer points.



– Father, we thank you for confirming the agenda of the covenant of fruitfulnessEmpowerment for Fruitfulness. Read more ... » in all areas in Shiloh 2013.

– Thank you for the unprecedented multitudes, the harvest of new converts and first timers we saw in Shiloh 2013



– Father, we thank you for the strange works and strange acts in all Shiloh gone by.

– Father, thank you for instant testimonies you have been working in all our past Shiloh.

– Thank you for what you would yet do again in this years’ Shiloh 2014.


SHILOH 2014 INTERCESSORY PRAYER 1 (Bishop Oyedepo) – DEUT.34: 9

– Father, release divine wisdomWisdom over Wickedness, Affliction. Read more ... » for your servant (the Presiding Bishop) to match the demand of the hour in Shiloh 2014.

Empower the word through your servant that will consume stubble in the lives of every member.


SHILOH 2014 INTERCESSION PRAYER 2 (Chibok Girls) – PS.103:20

– Father, before Shiloh 2014, we decree the release of angels to supernaturally effect the release of all Chibok girls who are held captive by Boko Haram.

– Father, we decree peace in this nation Nigeria and decree an end to the activities of the Boko Haram sect in this nation.


SHILOH 2014 INTERCESSORY PRAYER 3 (Event) – Ps.145:15-16

Father, release your power and presence unusually on Shiloh Camp ground for the multitudes and meet every need on that day.

By your word and events at Shiloh 2014 in Canaanland Ota, give me an uncommon testimony.


Shiloh 2014 LiveShiloh 2014 Live Broadcast, Theme, Date and Venue. Read more ... » Telecast, Broadcasting Parameters and Test Transmission

The previously used parameters for Shiloh 2013 are listed below and might be subjected to change of which will also be effected here:

Intelsat 902 at 62.0°E with a Frequency of 04047

The Symbol Rate is 02222 (Fec 1/2). The Polarization is Vertical with the symbol (V)

In case you run into any itch with these connectivity as you get set for the Shiloh 2014 live broadcastShiloh 2014 Live Broadcast, Theme, Date and Venue. Read more ... », you can call these phone numbers to speak with any of the technicians on ground

(+234) 8098782809, (+234) 8098782819, (+234) 7010629351, (+234) 8129122586


Shiloh 2014 Live Streaming

Live streaming of Shiloh 2014 will be made available for you right on this webpage once the connections goes live.

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