Shiloh 2014 |

Shiloh 2014 |

ShilohBreaking the Bondage of Poverty. Read more ... » 2014 Exceeding Grace, Telecast, Live Broadcast Winners ChapelWinners Chapel End of Year Thanksgiving Service. Read more ... », Living Faith Church, Ota by Bishop Oyedepo.

ShilohBreaking the Bondage of Poverty. Read more ... » 2014 is the 16th version of Shiloh. Here is all you need to know about this year’s Shiloh (The epistle, live broadcast, schedule of activities etc). Just take your time and read.

On this page:

- Shiloh 2014 Epistle,
- Testimonies
- Live Telecast

- CROSSOVER SERVICE 2013 (WINNERS CHAPELWinners Chapel End of Year Thanksgiving Service. Read more ... »)
- Program Highlights
- Shiloh Specialized Classes (healing, Mothers/ fathers of Nations)
- Summary of Shiloh 2012 / 2013
- More

The theme of this year’s Shiloh has already been declared by God’s servant Bishop David Oyedepo. Here is a copy of the newsletter that was read in Canaanland, Ota, Nigeria, Africa and we paraphrase:

I want to accept as true that you are all in the Exceeding Grace Next Levels Agenda for the year 2013. All glory to God.

He also quoted Isaiah 14:24 talking about what God has said will surely stand.

God’s servant Bishop Oyedepo also disclosed that prophecies are only fulfilled via our faith as he quotes Luke 1:45.

He also encouraged every one member of the Winners’ FamilyBecome a Better Mother, Ways, Steps. Read more ... » not to stagger at Gods’ promises but boost up their faith. He also confirmed by saying that God’s agenda for His people for the year 2013 “Exceeding Grace a walk over while the Next Levels agenda a reality!!”

Here is a prophetic word “Before Shiloh 2013Spirituality: A Must For Effective Leadership. Read more ... », you already a testimonial swimming in Exceeding Grace.

WATCH SHILOH 2013Spirituality: A Must For Effective Leadership. Read more ... » LIVE HERE:

ONCE THE SERVICE COMMENCES, THE FEEDS WILL APPEAR HERE LIVE FOR ALL THOSE WHO CANT MAKE IT TO FAITH TABERNACLE. Write down the name of this website again for subsequent Live Broadcast ( 2013 Live Streaming, Date, Website, Expectation. Read more ... »). DEPENDS ON YOUR CONNECTION. THIS could take 8secs to load. We’ve made it BETTER!!!

Therefore, what is the Almighty God saying about Shiloh 2013?

Let’s go back to the mandate on Shiloh so as to refresh our minds. God told me in Josh 18:1-3, “The complete worshipers of the offspring of Israel gather at Shiloh, set up the tent as they took possession of the land”. (Par.) God’s ultimate reason for Shiloh is to subdue the earth. This is the enthronement of the saints in this end-time.

Likewise, it takes grace to be great. Grace conferred authority on Joseph. Shiloh is thus a podium for the Spirit of grace which in turns makes great!

God’s servant thereby declared Shiloh 2013 as EXCEEDING GRACE with bible references from 2Cor 9:14-15.

The date is December 10th – December 14th, 2013 in Canaanland, Ota.

So, let your expectations be in top gears for Shiloh 2013 as it promises to be impactful according to the Bishop.


Here are some Testimonies from the Church Bulletin given to members in one of the LFC Provincial Headquarters to prepare you for Shiloh 2013.

1. All Round Distinction

I want to thank God of Shiloh for his love in my life and familyBecome a Better Mother, Ways, Steps. Read more ... ».

Right from my Secondary school, the God of Shiloh kept distinguishing me. All my results were exceptional.

During my university years, it was as if I won’t continue but the God of Shiloh proved Himself faithful. During my second year, while travelling to Abuja, I was involved in an accident.

The car somersaulted four times and landed in a ditch. The God of Shiloh 2013 preserved me, no injuries and no bruises. The entire passer-by was like how come? I told them it was the handy work of the God of Bishop Oyedepo.

In my 300level, 2 of my course-mate got lost till today but God preserved me. The same 300 level, there was an SUG election that I didn’t declare any interest nor purchased the form. I was made the Standing President and finally the Vice President of the Faculty.

In my 400 Level, I defended my project and my name came out for service. On the 11th of June, a call came from the Exams & Records saying “Congratulations”

I collected my result and I was one of the best grandaunts from my department.

I am here to say “The God of Shiloh be highly exalted’



2. Delivered from 10 Armed Robbers

The God of Living Faith Church who also is the God of Shiloh 2013 prevailed in my life and family.

I left Abuja with my wife on Saturday. We prayed and anointed ourselves.

As were approaching Aguasi, all we saw was 5-gunmen jumped out of the bush with army camouflage and they covered their faces.

For me to make a U-turn, another set came from behind. They surrounded us with their guns.

My wife was shouting “Blood of Jesus!!!” They came closer and asked us where the money was. I told them I don’t carry money to travel except my fuel money which I dropped.

They turned to my wife with the same question. She stepped out of the car, opened the booth, brought out her luggage and said “that is the money!!”

As they were searching her bag, we ran into the bush.

When they saw that there was no money in the bag, they started running after us with their guns. By then, we had entered the bush and instead of going straight as they had expected, we turned left. They were running straight shooting in the wrong direction.

We came out of the bush into the road again and saw other people that were robbed, crying.

We also saw our luggages and not even one of my wife’s original certificates were missing.

During the race, all we could say was “The God of Shiloh, God of Oyedepo is a God of Vengeance” and of a truth, that name works.



This Year’s Shiloh 2013 liveShiloh 2013 Live - GROWING IN PROSPERITY. Read more ... » Broadcast will be shown on the Ministry’s website ( or it will be the same feed as its happening in Canaanland, Ota in Nigeria.

You can view the Test Transmission Here.


(Tuesday December 10th to Saturday December 14th 2013)

(Please note: The time in bracket is the time the program commences)

Tuesday 10th Dec. – Shiloh Opening Session and Arrival (7pm)

Wednesday 11th Dec. – Shiloh Morning Session kicks off by (6.30am) Evening Session is (7pm)

Thursday 12th Dec. – Morning Session kicks off by (6.30am) Evening Session is (7pm)

Friday 13th Dec. – Shiloh Morning Session still remains (6.30am) The Evening will be a Variety Night (10pm)

Saturday 14th Dec. Is the Closing Session / Departure of Attendee) – Time to be unveil soon.

Shiloh Thanksgiving ServiceWinners Chapel End of Year Thanksgiving Service. Read more ... » will also be communicated soon. Make sure you subscribe below.



1. Shiloh Healing School

(Miracle touch of Christ)

11.30am – 1.30pm


2. Shiloh Businessmen Summit

(For Business 7 Career Breakthrough)

11.30am – 1.30pm


3. Shiloh Youth Alive Forum

(Special Session for all Youths)

3.00pm – 5.00pm



In Shiloh 2012, more than 50 Nations of the Earth gathered and the attendance was huge as there were crowd spilling over to the road.

2012 Shiloh testimonies were also all over the nation as the blind were given new sets of eyes, growths on the eyes, hands, nose, back tumors disappear, SS changes to A+ , the ones that wowed many were HIV positive changing to negative and many more.

Over 200,000 gathered in Lagos and Ota environs alone.

4 million radio hits, 2 million website.

We plan to deliver more Shiloh 2013 exceeding grace updates as they unfolds.

Be Blessed.

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  1. Shiloh 2013 Exceeding Grace says:

    Just Can’t wait to get there!!! Shiloh 2013 all the way!!!!!!

    • ANDY A AMAMIHE says:


      • Jonathan G. Jackson says:

        I am Jonathan G. Jackson, a Liberian going for Shiloh this year for Grace upon me and family that God will work a new things in our life. My prayer for my son Niclas Davis for to delivering him.

  2. samuel double says:

    Shiloh 2013 is the mountain of turnaround for me…indeed have seen many hands of God via shiloh program so i can’t wait to see this year shiloh cos its life to opportunity for me…priase the Lord…

  3. Shiloh 2013 Exceeding Grace. One does not need to be told what to expect this year. Last year was a bomb. I will not miss this for anything

  4. Grace nnubia says:

    I cant wait to be at shiloh 2013 to experience God’s exceeding grace upon my life

  5. DESTINY EBASA says:


  6. Emmanuel Ekim says:

    Shiloh 2013 Exceeding Grace,is my own shiloh..Amen

  7. Abanum S. Henry says:

    I can’t miss Shiloh 2013 for anytime, not even my work can stop me. Infact, i am already dere @ one of d viewing center. Waooooooooo

  8. Edward aigbe Timothy says:

    I know that this shiloh 2013 will bring exceeding Favour in my life and family with my bussness.


    Praise the Lord, shiloh 2012 cut off stagnation from my life, i graduated in 2007 and since then have never been jobless and i have been waiting on the lord for life partner, since then its either one disappointment or the other so it has been a serious problem in my life, i have been going to shiloh but last year shiloh was a total and delievery point for me,i used a lady’s testemony to enter into my delieverance she said she used her january salary as shiloh sacrifice to receive her husband and immediately i vowed by writting cheq as my january salary to key into my own marriage too as God will have it i did my wedding in july, and i told God that this year team double portion will not be a slogan in my life this year but i must see the manifestation so in july i reminded God that is double portion so the second testemony must come to pass before 2013 shiloh regarding fruit of the womb now as am sharing this testemony for the promise of God to come to pass in my life I AM PREGNANT my double portion testemony completed, I return all the glory to God. we serve a true God in this commission

    • Congrats my sis. I key into ur testimony. Shiloh 2013 is my own shiloh. I receive my own miracle marriage in Jesus Name.

      • I key into your testimony for my own. The God that answered Hannah in Shiloh will answer my prayers for the fruit of the womb this Shiloh 2013.

  10. Shiloh 2013, Exceeding Grace. I can’t wait to be there to witness my tremendous turn around in my life, my family, my work, Blessing, Promotion, Protection e.t.c in Jesus name AMEN.

  11. Sister Bukola. Congrats.

    Your testimony is my point of contact. SHILOH 2013 here i come. Marital breakthru

  12. This is my own Shiloh 2013

  13. Frank Asiedu Oteng says:

    Shiloh is my place of divine provision I have witness this over the years. God bless bishop OYEDEPO and the entire leadership of living faith ministries.

  14. Babatunde Olayemi says:

    For Many Year Its Has being proved to many of us expecially Affrica that Shilloh is God Established Convenanth Medium Through Which God Is using his servant to deliver is promises to this Generation, I Have being Priviledge to benefit in this in the past and this year is going to be awesome…..Papa I can wait to receive fresh diet to the to sustained my already established next level…..Shallom

  15. Shiloh 2013 here i come to receive my deliverance,healing & covenant children.

  16. Shilo 2012 changed my level to an unbelievable state. I finished my masters degree in UK in 2007 and stayed two more years looking for job till 2009 after which I returned to Nigeria and spent two years extra looking for job till 2011. I got a job that I was paid less than N80K and I kept praying to God for a better job as an Engineer.
    On the second day of 2012 Shilo, Bishop Oyedepo prophesied that someone here will get a miraculous job in 7days and will resume immediately. I claimed this miracle and gave the testimony on the closing day of Shilo without any physical evidence of a job. A week after the day Papa released the prophesy I got a call from someone asking for a job I did not apply to send my CV for a job. Less than a Month later I was offered a job of about N500K a month to resume immediately.
    God is so faithful. 7 months later my salary was increased to N600k a month and my wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Every about me has been favour , favour , favour.

    To God be all the Glory for all he has done.

  17. pat maclare says:

    From South Africa – Shiloh 2013 is my Shiloh. Ive heard so much about the miracles of Shiloh that I made this Shiloh my Shiloh! I shall be taking delivery of my long awaited breakthroughs.

  18. francis favour says:

    Last year was my first appearance in Shiloh with my wife.prior to our visit the pregnancy scan did not show viability.but the God of Shiloh made the pregnancy viable with a beautiful baby girl.two month after Shiloh I got a job where I did not apply with a raise of my salary to 3 times the previous

  19. JENNIFER ASEI says:

    May the lord God of Shiloh be praised, indeed it was my year of double portion, and next levels.
    I used to have the challenge of gaining admission into the higher institution, buying jamb forms, travelling to different cities to write exams, loss of results etc, I lost hope, and concluded that i’d rather go into business than schooling because it was so frustrating. October WOFBI special, the God of Shiloh intervened in my life and gave me a rewarding testimony, presently, I am already in my 100level in the university without writing an exam! So glad to say that of a truth he has delivered his promise by crowning my year with goodness.

  20. Usman John Onoruoiza says:

    Shilow is a place of encounter I can’t just wait to have an encounter with the God of shilow; I know I will be blessed exceedinly (amen!)

  21. Chinedum Azuh says:

    The Experience in Shiloh is like God Speaking to Moses Face to Face.

  22. Am not a member but wants to attend this year shiloh. Am @ ojodu berger. How do I get to ota?. I need directions. Please treat as urgent and important.

  23. Daniel
    Glory to god the father of our lord Jesus Christ for given this generation the David of our generation in the person of bishop David oyedepo, I ve personally gone through king David’s biblical account, the psalmist of Israel and found out that there are some specific related both on this two great kingdom shakers and in the commission as a God’s servant and as a leader my prayer is that god will jam park his servant in this Shiloh with another dynamic revelation and endow him with strength from above for a fresh remarkable Shiloh 2013, we all are witnesses of the undeniable proofs of Shiloh 2012, it was in one of those meetings that I personally encountered a light that brightened my life through my life turmoils, today I am enjoying the benefit of identifying with this great commission, papa thank you for your dam to earth obedient to god’s instruction through that 18 hours meeting with The Lord which has become a blessing to the whole world today, glory to god, I love you papa. Daniel Kinshasa

  24. aishetu azumi abdulai says:

    i am part of shiloh 2013 exceeding grace agenda….i cant wait because i have taken time off my work to participate and partake fully….

  25. aishetu azumi abdulai says:



  27. If you can find your way to Oshodi from Ojodu, it’s easy to get transport from there. If you are driving it’s also like almost a straight road from Oshodi. I hope this helps Daniella. God bless.

  28. yomi akinkuowo says:

    please give me the link for the life broadcast! thank you.

  29. achem ameh samuel says:

    shiloh 2013 is my shiloh,as it was declear yesterday by my bishop.all the riches of redemption shall be my portion as we involved in the realm of exceeding grace.

  30. Amromanor clifford says:

    I beleive that God of Shiloh 2013 would turn me from no body to somebody.

  31. i was not able to be there live and but i know his Exceeding Grace is with Me and my Household…I AM BLESSED.

  32. Exceeding Grace, Strange Works
    Strange Acts, Exceeding Grace.

    So shall be my testimony throughout year 2014 for I thank God for His unspeakable gift.

  33. Nosa Henry Asiriuwa says:

    Double Portion Next Level, i am here to testify of the good things God has done for me, My name is Nosa Henry Asiriuwa, i am fellowshiping in living faith ekewan road, but i attended Shiloh in living faith Airport Road here in benin.

    My testimony : before Shiloh started i was having teeth pain, always paining, towards everning the pain we just start, and one side of my head, we just having headeache, i was so suprise, when i have at Shiloh, Dady Said what ever follow you here we not leave there with you i believe, until the third night, as i was dancing to the glory of God, the pain left me, i am here to return all the glory to most high.

  34. This is the GREATEST experience i have ever had at shiloh WOW SHILOH. Thanks be to GOD EXCEEDING GRACE-GREAT WORK, GREAT ACT-EXCEEDING GRACE

  35. God of SHILOH to you alone be all the glory for making SHILOH 2013 exceedingly grace answer to HIS name in my LIFE, for enviable plenty of heavenly blessings, 7 fold redemptive package, earthly treasures e.t.c to GOD ALONE BE ALL THE GLORY. ECXEEDING GRACE!!!!!STRANGE WORKS!!!!

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